Monday, December 5, 2011

Gatsby's Garden - PRIVATE PARTY - Come play.....

Gatsby's Garden 
at The Regal 

The new owner's of The Regal and GG have come together to bring you a new place of indulgence this winter - Gatsby's Garden. Starting on December 13th, GG will be taking over The Regal to bring you an evening of momentous music, Aspen's social networking, current fashion, drinks, and partying with the Gatsby every Tuesday. We'll have our DJ's spinning, fashion flexing, videos playing, and an evening of excitement. Tables filled with your favorite crews and beats dropping from our File of Fresh. Not to mention, there will be freebies!!!! Aspen's "Who's Who" will be enjoying this private event. Yes you heard it....PRIVATE. Every Tuesday we will have the exclusive party for the artists, musicians, fashionistas, corporates, and locals. Once your on the VIG list your "in" for the winter. The VIG members even get a gift to show for the next Party to skip the line. If you need a reason to dress up in those heels - It's here!!! You never know who you may see in Gatsby's Garden.


1) Send an email to ___________ with your name for the VIG list 
(You didn't think it would be that easy......did you???)
2) Stay tuned for the "secret knock" to enter Gatsby's Garden 
**(Every Tuesday it will go out to the list)**
3) Dress up & come get down!!! We have some great themes for this winter...
- Gatsby's Gala - Flapper's Ball - Coco's Pajama Jam - Grimey's Garage -
4) Tell your liked minded friends about the Gatsby's Garden.....

"Every flower can flourish in Gatsby's Garden....."

December 6th - The VIG email will be announced....STAY TUNED

****DISCLAIMER - If you aren't capable of applying to the list. You may come to the Garden - BUT PLEASE BE AWARE - you will have to do something that is extremely funny to get on the list. You may have to sing a song out loud, you may have to do a hand stand, you may just have to get hit with snowballs by the line outside, you may have to ride a unicycle, you never know what we may think up..........before you get into the Garden. So take our advice --- Apply for the list. We're pretty sure anyone can get an invite, but a party crasher gets to earn their evening.****

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