Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best of 2011 - Aspen the GG way.....

We have been blessed with so many things this year. New fashion, new music, new comers, parties, food, chair lifts, and, more than anything, a NEW ASPEN. We wanted to give you the "Best of Aspen 2011." We have been wandering high and low to scout out the new, best, and most loved in town. Here's a great list for locals, tourists, and the Gatsby. 

Be sure to tell them the Gatsby sent you when you stop by!!!

Best Ski Shop
Are you are ripper? Doubt you can hang with this crew on the mountain but they will have you dialed for anything you need.

Best Rental Shop
Smiles for Miles with this staff of experienced mtn folks. Stop in and bring a 12 pack if you really wanna see some high steppin'.

Best Local's grub
Big Wrap
Babs deserves a medal for all the smiles she makes in town.

Best Gatsby Food
There is not a better plate of food in town than Chef Lanter. 

Best New Spot to Party
The remodel and spacious feel have brought The Regal to the forefront in Aspen. With the Hilton Sisters endorsing the spot you know it's a place for a great time. 

Best Venue
Check out their Calendar for January

Best Addition in the Valley

Best Park
***see below item***

Best New Comer
"Marky Mark" of Snowmass Park/Cats
He finally brought "real jumps" to the Snowmass Park and has been diversifying the rail scene since his start in Ohio. Your excitement level will rise with M&M's new features, hits, and sessions. Thanks Mark for changing it up this year!!!!!

Best Party
It was the Secret Garden of Whoomp that brought us all backside for a get down. It will go do in the books for the best party, sunrises, and memories. Thanks to all that came!!!

Best Drinking spot for Local's
The remodel looks gorgeous and you'll see the crews from around the block in the SQ talking about the day's shred, touching on business, or cracking smiles until the early morn. Stop in and Tell Joel, "Hi."

Best Drink
Moscow Mule
Since Red Bull isn't the best thing for your body in our holistic journey to health. Ginger Ale has now become the way to enjoy the evening without having to stay up and feel horrible the next day. Grab a Gosling's and have a Mule.

Best Fashion

Best Music
This genre of music has brought commercials, festivals worldwide, old & young to unite for whoomp, and has taken many a robot sound to a new level. You've seen it, heard it, probably changed the song or station once this year. DubStep took over......and we enjoyed the adventure.

Best DJ
The First Resident for Grimey Gatsby and known throughout town as 
"The PHD of get down" this one knows how to make you groove.

Best Ski
'nuff said..........

Best Board
Our friends in Silverton are making it happen for the back country world

Best Technical Outerwear
The Gaston brothers assembled a great team and a great product. Make sure to get one before their SOLD OUT!!!

Best Video 
A Hoop, DTale, Wyatt, Keegan, Forest and the rest of the squad show you how to get down in the POW POW!!!

Best Film Crew
You have no clue how rad these guys are......

Best Editor
GG Editor of smoothness, park rat, sno cat operator, and lifestyle coordinator
"D Relli" is someone that keeps it kewl....

"The JR"
Best Grilled Cheese

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