Sunday, December 25, 2011


Last night at Escobar in Aspen we launched GATSBYtv. It's a video contest that includes social media, exposure for new athletes, interaction for brands, and a lovely setting to party with the Gatsby.....Berkel Beats was throwing great tunes from 5-8 as we all enjoyed new videos, friends, Grimey's Grog, the holidays, free slippers, and the GG family partying till the evening. 

Derrin Carelli and Pat "P. Cookie" Cooke put in their season opening video from Snowmass park. Set with great music and some killer tricks they won the GoPro HERO2 from GATSBYtv for the first time. They said, "we'll be filming all week to take home another crown." Seems this upcoming Saturday (Dec. 31) is going to be a great contest. We will be giving away another GoPro HERO2, exposure all over the web, $100 bar tab from Jim Beam, swag from local retailers, and most of all GREAT VIDEOS FOR VOTING.

Charlie Lasser took home the Silver with his Super Unknown clip from Freeskier. Check out Charlie smashing rails and showing how the park looks too easy. 

Thanks to all the entries:
Nathan Berkel - High Society, GG Fam
"Demo Reel"

Owen Leeper - First Drop, The human dart
"PowDay Flips"

Michael "Twizz" Turner - D&E Sports, GG Fam
"The Park with TnT"
Mike Duffy - Obermeyer, Hamiltons Sports
"The Comback"

Greg Ernst - Marmot, Hamilton Sports, GG Fam
"Hot Reel"
Ernst's Video

Grimey Gatsby - Flat Fitty, Code Blue, GG Fam
"Backcountry turns + Givin Vids"
Hunt's Video

Charlie Lasser - The man the myth, GG Fam
"Super Unknown Finalist"

Derrin & Pat - Ajax SnoCats, GG Fam
"Snowmass 2011 Opening Week"

ISVERA - Mike, Steve, & Jesse

STRAFE Outerwear - Baker, Whit, & Jack
"Rippin Ajax early season"
Strafe's Video

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