Friday, December 9, 2011

Strafe Outerwear - The new shield for grimey weather....

We were introduced to Strafe last season when some friends of ours started to rep their gear (thanks - Baker Boyd aka "manchild"). The brand is steadfast in one thing - RIPPING!!!! Their fabric is second to none; manufactured alongside any of the other tops brands in the world. We've seen pounds of snow thrown at this stuff with no remorse. We've seen it rip uphill faster than a tow rope. The gear takes a beating and keeps on coming back for more. The product development was "steep & deep" for this company. The gear works, the athletes love it, and the new line is in their store now. Strafe not only makes unbelievable outerwear (triple layer that farts can't even escape),  they put it to the test year in and year out. The owner's always have their gear at the Inferno, America's Uphill, Bootpacking at Highlands, Power of Four race, and out in the back country. Their new store is no different then 100% STRAFE. Made of beetle kill aspen wood, the store is raw and real. You can smell the fresh wood (reduced, reused, and recycled BTW) when you walk in and you feel the real ripper atmosphere take over. They could be out on the hill ripping pass you or in the back country guiding. Either way you know that this product is being used harder, faster, and gnarlier than you could ever conceive every day of the season. Get with the real mountain men - Get with Strafe.

"Modern life is full of distractions. Jobs, relationships and 
responsibilities often cloud our vision and distort our purpose. STRAFE simplifies this. We love to ski, and everything we do is based around this mantra. Our outerwear is first and foremost functional equipment to further our pursuit of powder, and the ensuing style is minimalist and clean. Headquarters at the base of Aspen Highlands provide the simple way of life that we work to maintain, as well as the perfect testing grounds to ensure we are able to offer some of the best technical apparel ever produced. With roots firmly planted in the Highland Bowl bootpack, the steep lines off Deep Temerity, and the incredible backcountry that lies beyond our access gates, our product and lives reflect the environment we work and play in all day, every day. Welcome to STRAFE."

Strafe Athlete Josh Daiek

Ski Fast.....

Parker Olsen showing off some Strafe

Chlorine - Fire - Black - The Sickbird (One Piece)


Our staff favorite for this year!!!!!

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