Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music for Thursday - Enjoy the GG sound!!!!

We are submerged in music daily. It's the voice of the past, present, and future. Now a days, you can hear Bacharach in Dubstep and Orchestra in Rap. There is no limit to what music can do. Have you heard the EDM movement in mainstream marketing yet?? Listen to the GoPro ads next time they come on...... Skream and Benga just made a Scion playlist - that's kinda mainstream, ha. Wale's "Barry Sanders" Video has over 200,000 views in 6 days. B.o.B.'s new drop is hot like grandma's apple pie. Jane's Addiction will be playing the Belly Up, Aspen for NYE!!!! Music shapes our environment and it makes our day. We all have songs that bring back a memory, feel, or person. Here's some music for your Thursday. Enjoy the GG network of noise!!!!!

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