Friday, December 2, 2011

Souls in Action - Events - Grimey's & Gatsby's enjoy their parties......

Souls In Action Entertainment

Denver is a place of budding cultures with a skyline that excites the oldest soul. The mountains and the sky shape your mystical thoughts on times gone by and where to find the most fun. We have something to help with your quest for adventure, excitement, and music. Souls in Action is a company, out of Denver, that hosts some of the best parties. Their DJ's are dropping bass and moving crowds like a Festival scene. They always sell out, bring in new talent, and make it an evening to remember. Their now taking new steps to increase their "stage." When your looking for "what's next" you just need to browse the artists, events, and people that are involved here. Even our national partners are taking interest in this exquisite way to enjoy the evenings. Most recently, we were involved in their ZEDS DEAD tour through Colorado. It was a grand event and we enjoyed every minute of SIA, JFlash, Ecto Cooler, FieVel & LOLO, Coult 45, and ZEDS DEAD!!! They brought together something to be recognized. Audience meet Souls in Action; Souls in Action meet the audience.......

Upcoming Events:
12/10 - Signal Path & Octopus Nebula @ Bluebird Theatre
12/17 -  Robotic Pirate Monkey @ Bluebird Theatre (GG staff favorite)
02/02 - Adventure Club @ Cervantes

Previous Throw Downs:

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