Monday, September 26, 2011

Black Milk Clothing - Women's Fashion - FWNY STAFF PICK!!!!!!!

As a self taught seamstress, James Lillis, started Black Milk in 2009. It all started with a shirt...then some leggings....then some other products. It has all come to a great point with their swimsuits, leggings, and skirts. I have seen some of the most "cutting edge" images on their items. And I have seen some of the most "cutting edge" women in their clothing. NYC and LA are littered with Black Milk. The strips of the foreign beaches all have their suits on - from Bora Bora to Ibiza Black Milk is the choice of the GATSBY!!!!!!

Gameboys never looked so appealing......

"We've come a long way since those early days sewing leggings at midnight on the kitchen table. We've sold thousands of pairs of leggings all over the world. We've been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and blogs from the local paper to Vogue. Best of all, Black Milk has now got a reputation as one of the most exciting designer leggings labels in the world."
-James Lillis

Yes, that is Steve Buschemi.......
Mermaid Sushi anyone.......

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