Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Todd Williamson - Artist - Aria Hotel Salon "Prive" for High Roller's

Met up with Los Angeles based designer Todd Williamson who spoke with us about the upcoming trends in the art community and the diverse involvement with businesses now acting as functional art galleries. It has been scene in any major city or resort area. The local's art and commissioned art hangs all over the walls. In fact, there are some art galleries that are renting space for offices within themselves in NYC and LA. It is true living interaction of urban development in space and networking. Todd Williamson has commissioned art in many high end businesses throughout the world (Houston, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rome, Seoul, Miami, Shanghai, and Naples to drop a few).  Todd has two commissioned pieces on display in the lavish High Roller Salon "PRIVE" located in the Aria Casino.  His work is uniquely simple with a grand impact on color.  

Todd's art is a great accent to this suite in Salon 'Prive'

The salon caters to the High Rollers in the casino and their ladies for the "sunlight love" of Vegas. It is a decadent spot for anyone to relax for the day of gambling, mani's, pedi's, and customer service of royalty with Aria Casino & Resort. 

The art and the table dance within the stacks of chips

ARIA - Salon Prive Entrance
The entrance to 'Prive'

Todd's skill and art have graced many places all over the globe. His touch is exquisite and his eye for "flow" and "grace" are a refined skill of masters. Check out his upcoming shows, events, and gatherings.

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