Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Week New York!!!! - the clothes, the people, the places, the Gatsby

Fashion Week
New York

This year we were unable to attend FWNY because of prior engagements in the Rocky Mountains. But we were able to ask for some help from our friends at WanderLust (Emily, Abigail, and Scott). They were at many many shows and have plenty on their site. And as usual they have more coming in the way of "hottest fashion from the Big Apple wrapped in houndstooth for Fall."

Here are some lines that we were able to see, hear about, and inquire. 
Their something for the Gatsby. Another great week of fashion from all the lines that we 
Lust and Grime for.........

Tara Subkoff 
(Her imitation wedding was a hit...check here)

Also that best way that we found to "see" what is happening from FWNY is from K2o by Karen Ko. The images have been coming to our desks daily from FWNY, now that is is over you can catch all the glitz and glamour.........

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