Thursday, September 22, 2011

GoPro Hero - Product - Film making for the Gatsby

 If you are already in our world, than you may know about the GoPro Hero. The GoPro Hero HD is the world's highest performance wearable 1080hd video and photo camera. This camera shoots in 1080/960/720p HD resolutions and record at 30 and 60 frames per second. It can hold as much as a 32gb SD card. It shoots with a fish eye lens to give a real perspective. In addition to HD video it also shoots 5mp still photographs. The helmet camera mount option includes a headlamp style head strap. The chest mount is one of our favorites for the winter skiing. The handlebar mount works well with bikes and motorcycles. It also comes with two curved and two flat adhesive mounts for attaching gear, vehicles or whatever you can dream up. We have seen them on surf boards, helmets, skis, paddle boards, bikes, cars, paragliders, and of course.....the lovely tourists. This camera is waterproof to 180'. It's polycarbonate housing it super tough and protects it from rocks and other hazards. We have seen these little guys go through battles in the Rocky Mtns. If it can survive here then it can take on any environment.

There's nothing better than shredding with your crew all day and getting to go back to the spot and review that killer powder day you just had, or the crash that your friend had. It is great at events to capture the "live" feeling ad atmosphere. The microphone works very well. We have used them at Red Rocks, the Belly Up - Aspen, and Cervantes' - Denver. They are easy to carry, have a great battery life, and come with a variety of accessories. 
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Capture all your Grime and Gatsby on HD!!!!!

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