Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Horror in the Outer Reaches - Timeline

Timeline has a tradition of releasing music each year on All Hallow's Eve. This year's release,  A Horror in the Outer Reaches is a sonic journey through cosmic ...... The space travel is guided by this producer of lore. His direction through the rhythms, high hats, and bass are well recognizable. "Anyone that's anyone is playing his music," as they used to say in Hollywood and this holds true to this musical talent from Colorado. We haven't stopped playing it since we downloaded it. The snow is coming, the cold weather is here, and now we have the soundtrack for the winter. Thanks Timeline!!!!!!

The allbum art from Robots With Bad Teeth

A Perfect Plan:
 starts like sci-fi movie, epic score, clips of speech about exploration…sets the tone for an intergalactic adventure

Lift Away:
definitely has a floaty feel,  countdown at start
epic and cosmic with a relaxed feel…a little of a dance beat picking
up from 2 minutes in shuddering drums, smooth synth 
…sounds like what you'd jam on your system as you slowly cruise your spaceship down the block

You want to listen to it?

I totally spaced out on a trip through space....there were no notes - just thoughts

Arm Yourself:
put me back into my place at my desk and kept me at the helm of the spaceship.
I thought I was going to take off again and then realized I was still floating....

Out of Reach:
I felt like I landed from the trip I started on "contact"
This album gives you an adventure

More than anything this is perfect 
winter POW music....get on it!!!!

Check out the grimey video for "Out of Reach" by Nick Person

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