Friday, November 16, 2012

Supreme Looks for Winter 2012


In perfect keeping with the philosophy of Grimey Gatsby, Supreme's Fall/Winter Lookbook features designs with classic shapes and sharp tailoring that never take themselves too seriously.  Since he's wearing long sleeves in all the shots I can't be certain, but I'd bet good money that the model in these shots has sleeve tattoos and more than one skate-induced scar.  Supreme's just the ticket for this demographic,  the fella who might be more business than boards these days, but still grinds know? 

Old School shapes like the Letterman Jacket and crisp button downs are looking fresh in bright colorways and retro-inspired prints. The Letterman jacket is popping up all over for fellas this season, so snatch up a distinctive one so your not just another man on the bench, but leading the way as a style quarterback!  

Supreme's got you covered for your layering needs.  With a plethora of jackets, sweaters and hoodies there's infinite ways to grime up your get-up.  We definitely dig on the pinstriped button down hoody because...well man, you got a pinstriped button down hoody?  Didn't think so.  Oh yea, and it's denim. 

Get yourself grimed up for the colder days ahead with some of this polished gangster style.  See where you can find Supreme shops internationally or shop online.

See the Whole Lookbook!

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