Sunday, November 11, 2012

Backward Circle Bike Co - Gatsby wheels for the fixie heads..

We've been in the bike game for a minute...from delivery letters in San Diego downtown in '02-'03. We also happen to be in one of the largest "fixie cities" in Denver, Colorado. We have cruiser rides here that shut down streets for 10 minutes of constant bike traffic...they wind around the town and end up at the City Hall complex for some fun and community interaction. We watch the bike work and we are in tune with the streets, the future, and the environment......and that's why we have teamed up with Backward Circle Bikes to open up new accounts across the country. 

We are working with BWC to increase their brand and help the streets grab some of these custom made frames from the SoCal OG's. Track stand smack stand.....these are the real street couriers of this generation. The colors, the frames, the's all here with Backward Circle. Now you can sling these rigs at your store. for more information 
on the brand.

Self described as:
"Backward Circle is a new breed of "Mixed Fixed" Bikes. The ultimate in customs, incorporating Track, BMX, & Street style. The frame is a handmade Chromoly Steel, designed in Southern California. Our killer styling includes un-equilateral seat stays, curved seat tubing, Bmx style aerodynamic fork, & custom track style dropouts. Whether your terrain is the city, the dirt, or the backwoods. 

This is not the same cookie-cutter online bike you see everywhere. Whether your cutting off Trams in Amsterdam, doing Bar-spins in Berlin, Bombing the hills in San Fran, or Taxi dodging in NYC. This is the bike you've been waiting for."

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