Saturday, November 3, 2012

Man with the Iron Fists - Movie Review

Grimey Gatsby had it's first company field trip. We took the entire Denver office to see Man with the Iron Fists. Rza's directorial debut was tremendous. We had a full day of Wu Tang in the office and even noticed the massive media push here in Denver. Our Pandora had running ads for the movie. The celebrities were endorsing it all over their social media....and we had three radio stations feature the movie on their morning show....Since we filter all the information around the globe, it's only right that we knew about this movie last year from the man himself. Rza doesn't come through Colorado often but when he does it gains attention. Method Man said, "Rza's onto that next level shit and you best be on it when he moves his chess piece the whole room watches." Ghostface was in Aspen over XGames and dropped this on us, "Yo my man Rza is making the moves as we speak. He aint playing with legos kid - coming straight Bruce Lee style." 

We did plenty of research on the movie before we saw's some facts:
Rza was given "complete control" of the production. In fact Universal told him
"We'll see you at the premiere." The rest was him and QT......start to finish in every aspect

He has Wu Tang logos all over the video as a treat to the pay attention

His theory of forging metals is actually used in the movie. He feels that it's possible
to forge metals like the Shaolin monks spoke of..."Complete control through mind not hand"

Rza picked the cast with Quentin's casting manager to make sure the actors were deeply
involved in the roles...

Lucy Liu was the first to sign on.....because of her faith in Quentin to recognize talent in Rza

Rza is schooled in martial arts....many years previous to this movie.

Here's the review:
7 people saw the movie
7 people said "I am not dissappointed with that movie."

Great Soundtrack (as if you didn't know)...We heard some classic Wu Tang clips, new beats from Rza that made the whole theater bob in their seat, Wiz is featured on a few tracks, and the Shaolin Master did not hesitate to make the sound classic kung fu with new school crispy effects....

"Plenty of blood for a kung fu movie and it was done in that 'cheesy classic' way that every martial arts movie tries to bring. Rza did a great job portraying that kung fu who doesn't want to see Lucy Liu as a madame?"

"The bad ass women ninja did it for me and the solid cast they had...they people could carry a plot and the story flowed well. The Pink Blossom is some place I need to visit haha"

"The wardrobes and hair were awesome and I loved the way they had the different clans. Russel Crowe was funny and Lucy Liu stole the, in charge, and stacking that gold. The fighting was great too"

"I love Wu and this was like an adult Wu Tang Fight Club. Great action, great soundtrack, great actors, great production...Rza did it right. Some of the effects were intense for a Kung Fu movie but it was worth every penny. Go see it if you haven't already....You aint in the 36 Chambers if you havent"

Here's one of the new tracks from Rza for the soundtrack...featuring 
Method Man and others

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