Sunday, November 4, 2012

The 411 on Moombahton


Moombahton, a blend of reggaeton (long a guilty pleasure of ours after spending 3 years in South America) and Dutch house music, is just the ticket for those Monday blahs.  Take electro house, slow it down to about 108 bpm and season the resulting deep bass broth with  a healthy dash of spicy percussive'll end up with a fusion genre that's sure to get your booty shaking.  Washington D.C. based DJ Dave Nada is credited with creating the genre at a house party in Prince George's County (you can read more about Moombahton's "creation myth" in the article below).  As the style exploded in popularity, Nada was lured to Southern California.  It was there that L.A. native Dillon Francis  picked up on the sound and became "Moombahton's Golden Child" (as Nada referred to him in a recent tweet)

One of Dave Nada's Moombahton Monday Mixes:

If Dave Nada is responsible for the birth of the genre, Dillon Francis is one of the pioneers who has brought it to notoriety in the EDM scene.   Sub.Mission Dubstep is bringing Dillon Francis (with Kill Paris) to the Ogden Theater on December 20th.  Those of us at GG with East Coast roots were stoked to see the event announcement, as we've been yearning for a Moombahton fix, all too easy to score in Washington DC but hard to find in the Mile High. Big ups to Sub.Mission for recognizing this funky fresh genre and bringing its masters to Denver...First Dave Nada, performing as half of Nadastrom at the Fillmore, and now Dillon Francis...Nice work Sub.Mission!

As if we weren't excited enough for the upcoming event, Francis dropped his new track "Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)"  just before Halloween. We'd been itching for this track ever since hearing the preview on SoundCloud a few weeks back. Give it a listen...then get yourself pumped for the December 20th show with Dillon Francis and Kill Paris' remix of "Where Did I Go".  This banger is sure to get you moving....straight to the Ogden's box office for tickets to the show!


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