Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black Flys + Grimey Gatsby = shades for the OG's

Black Flys and Fly girls sunglasses are the OG of the shade game...before the mass marketed sunglass industry there were some locals that were pushing the limits with lifestyle and their products......and their coming back with a new breathe of life. Black Flys is working around the Us to open new accounts and expand their brand. The best part...They asked Grimey Gatsby to aid in their mission.

We are repping these SoCal gangsta's and working in the digital marketing campaign. You can see our staff in these bueaties and Hunt, the big boss man, enjoyed some mako shark tacos with the boys just recently at their warehouse in Huntington Beach. 

Their style is based in the street and the sand. For years they have been maintaining their status as the true life of the SoCal streets. You can check their roster and website for their arsenal of "who's who."You should also peep the new Yellow Wolf video with Travis Barker to see their newest frame from Stars & Striped... (it's right below :) for more information on opening Black Flys at your shop!!!!

You can see some of the styles in this video from OC Weekly

Self described as:
"We don’t follow market research, forecasts, or trends…we create them. The often infamous, Black Flys sunglasses hit the streets in 1991 at the epicenter of youth culture, Orange County, California. Since then, Black Flys sunglasses have expanded into a worldwide force. Inspired by Southern California, Black Flys sunglasses has remained a major influence within the action sports industry. Showing dominance in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and freestyle motocross, Black Flys sunglasses have proven to be a key eyewear choice.Black Flys sunglasses is a mixture of sex-appeal and West-Coast culture taken to the next level, and has been developing fashion forward styles and setting trends for over 20 years for both men and women......."

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