Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cymatics--sound into motion


For all the bass-heads, music junkies, science nerds and new agers out there...and anyone looking for a little distraction as you start your work week, here's a collection of videos on a little thing called cymatics: the study of visible sound and vibration.  

Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Jenny was a pioneer in cymatics in the 1960s.  He asserted that "Sound is the basis of form and shape. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God." Anyone who has lost themselves in a moment at a concert or festival, screamed a song at the top of their longs or completely let loose in dance (like no one is watching)...they understand this. 

Grimey Gatsby reported on the Open Air exhibition in Philadelphia in September.  That show allowed the public to voice a message or musical piece using light.  The frequency and volume of the sound controlled the beams of 24 high-powered spotlights.  That installation used algorithms to translate sound into visual art. In these videos non-newtonian fluids (neither solid nor liquid) and salt jump, dance and stretch across vibrating surfaces, such as a speaker covered in plastic wrap. 

Check it Out:

These are some of the first Cymatics experiments done by Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Jenny in the 1960s:

This section shows liquid under vibration that behaves in a model similar to cell division, and 3-D objects form and grow because of "nothing more than the vibratory process":

Salt and Sacred Geometry:

DIY Cymatics:

Cymatics and Dubstep in Action:

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