Thursday, November 15, 2012 - Cloud - Product Review


We were asked to try out the new CLOUD from It's an impressive piece of machinery for just 4 inches of height. It's a little bigger than a lighter and it's the future in smoking. With the surge in Colorado from the "legal" vote, we know have plenty of companies that want to have their products on our digital presence. This CLOUD is easy to charge (USB connection), very light, easy to store (almost any pocket), and comes in the above color options to fit your lifestyle. 

We decided to put this little sucker to the test.....charge it and use it 5 times until the battery dies. This requires a lot of medicine and some heavy heavy hitters in the game. Dankasaurous was the first on the list so we gave it to him for a "battery life" to see what he could do. After that we brought it back to the office to see how the staff could put some "wear & tear" on the "gumbo."

It worked well with cold water, ISO, and BHO hash. The metal container for the medicine is a great fix from the interchange-able pieces that have riddled this game of vape. It is a 3 piece design: 

mouth piece - heating element - battery

We put Gumbi to the test this week....Thanks to Derek for the shatter -_-


"I'm used to having to hit these things really really hard to get a drag. This one is easy to use, easy to load, and easy to charge. The cloud is the way to go for your portable dabbing."

"I'm kinda of a neat freak; so the washable mouthpiece was a great thing for me to see. Plus it's a heavy hitter. This little guy packs a punch and fits into any pocket. The colors are a nice touch also."

"I charged it in my car on the way over here since I drained the battery like you asked. It's a great friend to have when your headed out to a show, the slopes, or a gathering. Super low-profile and easy to use on the go."

"I boulder..I don't dab. I dropped a boulder in this thing and it took a bit longer than I thought to get through the damn thing. I like knowing that it can handle the big dabs but that I also get my money's worth from the medicine. Where can I grab one?"

"My girls and I were headed out to shred at A Basin and I brought it along for the day. It's not bulky or glass. It works when the wind is blowing (wink wink) and it's easy to charge when the fun is done. I like the green but I really want the pink."

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