Thursday, November 15, 2012

Will Rise Tattoo - LA's legend in the game

"I've heard of this place from both coasts, the heads in the industry, and the artists on the streets. I decided it was time to introduce my little brother into what 'I do.' Bobby (my little brother) has asked me several times what I do with my company and 'how do you guys make the grime?' I thought there was no better home run to a kid in LA than seeing one of the best tattoo shops in the USA. Norm makes the guns for the 'big names' of today's tattoo celebs, he is one of the most celebrated graf artists in LA, and he is a very very chill fellow. He is what 'grimey gatsby' means when we use it around the office. I figured that Bobby could handle this one with me and be baptized by fire. I made him bring his camera, bought the kid lunch, and you're about to see his first feature. Bobby Carter was the photographer, Will Rise is the place, and I'll remember this till the day I die......furreal like cereal. No better way to show you 'famisfam' then right here..." 
-Hunt, President of GG

As you can tell Hunt has a special place for ink slingers, the GGFam, his fam, LA, and the streets that he usually holds down like a skyscraper. Norm Will Rise studio is a true gem on the Fairfax street. It houses some of the most recognizable art from the LA OG's. Rumor has it that many a graf artist are there in the evenings talking about the memories gone by......Next time your in LA make sure to take time to enjoy the street art, the living art, and the society's art from the streets. We aint going no where and Norm is the first to tell you that.....

"Norm’s main influences lay in the very foundation of his art; the streets. His choice of imagery, tone, and wonder, are all the pieces to this familiar life. With the support of the AWR/MSK family, Norm rose through the ranks of the graffiti world, using the tools given to him to excel in his goals. He turned his love of urban culture into fine art. Ranging from his paintings of beautiful women altered by hand, miniature constructs of ghetto city scenes, and his drive to never stop tattooing, failure is definitely not an option. His patience and drive keep him moving, learning, and progressing as an artist. And now, tattooing has taken him into the future. He produces his own unique style; a body of work that ranges in all forms, but keeps its own identity" -From his bio online....

Norm is making the guns for the "who's who" in the tat game.....just more FYI

Norm & his artwork from

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