Friday, November 2, 2012

The Dream Factory - Teton Gravity Research

Do you know about the Jackson Hole Air Force? Swift, Silent, Deep....was their motto. Do you know how Alaska came to be "the place" for extreme skiing? Did you know that people landed on the tops of mountains with planes not helicopters to start? Did you know that the lines that have been set in Alaska are still being used in movies today? I know the heritage well from my ski bum days in Alta and Aspen. I was checking on the youth of today. Make sure to do your homework....I've met, skied, and hiked with some of these guys....but most of all, I enjoy their passion for the snow culture.

This movie opens a lot of light into the beginning of Alaska....from the crazy pilots and the first W.E.S.C. (no we don't mean the clothing brand). We are talking about the World Extreme Skiing Competition that was won by Doug Coombs in Alaska.....This competition was the main reason that people heard, saw, and felt the power of Alaska. This competition was the start of the "AK migration" that we all hear about in January....."When you going to AK?" "How long you staying?" It happens all the time in the late winter/early spring....."They got 7 feet of snow last week just waiting to get schralped!!!" I remember when my friend Rob took off for his first trip to Alaska. He kept calling me telling me of the lines, the people, and the heritage. It's an amazing place to's a remarkable place to ski. 

TGR is the best in the game when it comes to pow.....

The Dream Factory has a power packed cast of characters.....Sage, Seth, Dash, Dylan, Tim, Erik, Dana, and the TGR boys are pulling some hot lines in this one. You also get to see footage of Coombs, the JH Air Force, and the rest of the "early years" gang. We have some GGFam in this flick too - Chris Benchetler,  Colter Hinchliffe, and Nick Matrini!!!!!!! There's a great piece on Jeremy Nobis (I worked on his boots a few times in Aspen) and Daron Rahlves...the JEDI Big Mountain crazies hahaha. I haven't seen a movie in the snow industry that tells a better story. The boys did a great job!!!

Sage doing what he does best...flying

I would urge you to grab a copy so that you have the sacred members of the JH Air Force on a digital copy somewhere. These men were fearless and instill the "ski bum" world with a sense of pride. Hucking 60 foot mandatory's to ENTER runs was something of their legend....the endless days of 18 tram rides are something of lore. All of the Air Force were men that pushed the limits of free skiing before the term was ever invented....They were grimey, rope cutting, off piste, ski junkies...And I salute them for their dedication to the snow, culture, and future....They were the first guides in Alaska.

You need to see this history class on Alaska

We watched it twice last night. We will most likely watch it all season. Teton Gravity is a staple in Snow Movies. They are the reason why HD is a must if you wish to sell a "shred vid." They are also some of the men that Doug Coombs brought to Alaska to guide people for their adventures. So you know these guys breathe, sleep, and dream the snow we can only wish to see once or twice in person. There is no better group of Gatsby's then this crew. And they prove it again and again every year.....Big ups to Jeremy Jones for his part in the movie. His love for Alaska is limitless....He was just nominated for National Geographic's "Adventurer of the Year" -- please vote for him here.

Base camp with TGR always takes the breathe away.....

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