Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SPL - The Grimey sound for your winter...

SPL aka Sam Pool is a free form electronic music artist, DJ, and producer. SPL uses an electric mix, combining mainstream music with many dubstep musicians. He creates his own music threw some others work such as rappers, singers, vocal samples from artist, and other DJ’s. SPL is a dubstep DJ with international influences. His European, New Zealand, and Colorado influences bring him unimaginative opportunities and gives him an unbelievable sound that comes together and makes a sound that is unique and truly his own. SPL brings the noise and intensity as much as any dubstep DJ. 

SPL newest track is three remixes of one of his songs “Pistol Pants”. All three songs take the songs original chorus but each has their own grimey builds, explosives drops, and truly makes you lose your self in the music. His unpredictable drops collide with incredible build-ups that bring his audiences to a euphoric state. Check these tracks out at SPL soundcloud or on SPL will continue selling out venues and leaving dance floors exhausted. 

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