Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ecto Cooler - Music Review!!!!

Ecto Cooler is not your typical juice box. He is an electronic DJ from Hollywood, CA. Check out Ecto Cooler newest track “Touch the Sky” out on Bazooka Records. “Touch the Sky” features his original track and a Pete Foster remix. Three weeks ago he just remixed a filthy rendition titled “Fully Risen Whisker Level”. The track includes different loops from artist such as: Datsik, Adventure Club, Feed Me, Skrillex, Avicii, and of course his own samples. These three songs are just a glimpse of how bright the future is for Ecto Cooler.

Ecto Cooler is currently making his way through Colorado right now and is playing free shows.  Ecto Cooler can’t be categorized as one specific type of electronic DJ he plays it all from house to dupstep and all of those beautiful melodies in between. Ecto Cooler is music for everybody.  For more information about his newest remixes and upcoming shows check him out on his soundclound and facebook page. Ecto Cooler knows how to drop it!

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