Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sour Kush - The Dandelion - Strain Review

The Dandelion's Sour Kush
Boulder, CO

We were in Boulder this week for some meetings and were alerted to this great dispensary, The Dandelion. We decided to stop in and talk with Josh and the girls about their day to day, the new flowers, and what's happening in the Boulder scene. We can't tell you all the info yet, but we have something that The Dandelion wanted you to see....Sour Kush. They submitted their lovely little flower for a Strain Review. We took it upon ourselves to bring you the 411 on the KUSH. We had Hunt blaze through the sample and elaborate on the "kush taste." Three joints in 20 minutes was his thought......You can see what unfolded next.

From their website and their vault.......ATTACK OF THE TRICHROMES!!!!!!!

"I sparked the first boom draw [joint] when I took a seat at the computer. Couple things about kush, It must have the predestined smell (terps) and the dense solidification of the flower. Strong, short, stocky, and impactful are my usual adjectives for Kush. This sour though, had that ting of terpenoid that helps the noise distinguish. I was three or four puffs into the boom draw and it hit. The subtle release of tension, the enlightened frontal lobe, and I started to stared out the window with one brow raised. 'This IS sour kush.' Genetics take time to stabilize, select, and cull. This gene had a fantastic flavor, impactful high, and kept my back pain at bay. The sour diesel in this pheno is true to the roots. You can feel the height with the Sour D and the impact of the Kush OG. By the time I got the the third boom draw, I took a second to reflect on the first 13 minutes. It went by pretty slow......sparked the third and kept my relaxation station rolling for an hour or so."

Smell    Taste   Effect   Cough
9/10     8/10     8/10      Yes

Stop by the Dandelion and tell the crew we said, "HIGH"


  1. There are two different Sour Kush cuts floating around. Well, maybe 3 really... some are seed phenos from the limited-release OG x Sour D from DNA/Reserva Privada, then there is a clone-only OG x Sour D cut that sometimes goes by "Sour OG" then there is the Devil's Harvest Krew Sour Kush, which is Abusive's OG x Soma's NYCD (the sister cut to the Smelliot).

    If it was VERY citrus-influenced, I'd say it's the latter. If it's more smoky-jerky-fuel, I'd say it's a DNA pheno. If it's straight up OG with a little hit of the Sour sharpness, then it's the Sour OG...

  2. True on all points - There is a fourth pheno from the East Coast that is seen in some examples from the early 80's as well - This is the SOMA gene - Thanks for writing in Ry!!