Thursday, December 13, 2012

HASH review!!!! Denver is the spot to be.....

Native Roots Apothecary

We visit a lot of places for medicine in Denver and this one place continues to surface on our shelves. Native Roots Apothecary is located at 16th street and Champa st. We were fortunate enough to sample two products, Tangerine Flo Shatter and Chem D.

Test Samples:

Tangerine Flo (shatter) – 1g
Chem D (butter) – 1g

By: Dankasaurous

The Results

Tangerine Flo:

Smell 9/10- Taste 9/10 – Effect 9/10

After taking a dab of the Tangerine Flo my first thought was what a beautiful taste on the palate. The Tangerine Flo gives off a bright orange color with a very rocky consistency. The shatter is very tasty and gives off a wonderful odor that is pleasant to the noise. The high is very powerful for about thirty to forty-five minutes, and will remained buzzed for an hour or so.

The Results

Chem D (butter):

Smell 8/10 – Taste 8/10 – Effect 8/10 

The Chem D butter has a user friendly texture that makes handling it pleasant. After I exhaled my first dab it felt like a weight had just been lifted of my shoulders. I immediately knew that the work day was over. I was left with a very calm high, and an empty pantry. Overall it was a very successful high.

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