Saturday, December 15, 2012

Health Stone Glass - Product Review

We met Health Stone Glass at the hash bash in Denver. We were fortunate enough to meet the founder of the company that night Chad Soren. Chad Soren is an entrepreneur full of creativity, skill, and ambition. Our first impression of Chad was that he is very goal driving and wants to provide the absolute best product for his clients. Chad is down to earth and very easy to talk to. Chad was kind enough to let me hit one of his custom oil rigs. The glass art work was beautiful and the hash was powerful. Immediately we could taste the difference between a titanium nail and his pumice stone. The pumice stone makes your experience that much more enjoyable.

Health Stone Glass is so unique because each rig comes with a pumice stone, which doesn’t leave a taste or smell after you burn your hash or oil. You place the hash on the stone then you take a heating element, usually a torch, and put it to the hash and smoke it. The Pumice stone burns up to 90% percent of the hash as it passes through the stone, while it is in its oil form. Chad Soren has truly created something spectacular. We think this is the future of smoking dabs.

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  1. I love my healthstone but I find it a little unhealthy because of butane inhalation...