Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blue Bird Apparel - A tip from Coco Gatsby....

Blue Bird Apparel

For the discerning lady looking for understated glamour and stunning silhouettes, Blue Bird Apparel has all the answers. These handmade pieces are made with love in the USA.  Designer Anna Friss creates collections of flirty and wearable apparel that are meant for "the free spirited girl with an edge. She is sexy not vulgar and never takes herself too seriously".  We love the cut outs and clever shapes.  Blue Bird's re-imagined blazer, the Flutter Fly Blazer (pictured below) is just one example of how the brand brings whimsy and edge to classic pieces.

Badaboom Bustier and Skirt

 Back Breeze Hoody

Flutter Fly Blazer

Cold-Shoulder Dress

Blue Bird Apparel believes in  "having fun, loving what you do and conscience consumption". If their designs and philosophy are your style, be sure to snap up a few pieces  by shopping online or by calling 1 877 FOXY FIT (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm CST)

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