Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Strain Release - Native Roots Apothecary - Silverback OG

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We received a call from Native Roots about a new strain they were about to release from Snoop's long line of secret genetics. We were also told about the new Tiablo that was about to hit the shelves. They finished the voicemail with, "...oh yeah...Herijuana x Hells Angel OG shatter is dropping today for the hardest hitting holiday dabs." Needless to say....we scooped up some of all that goodness and did a review. We are please to announce Silverback OG, from the long hailed vault of the DPG dogg father crew. This is a pleasant addition to the Denver area. The Tiablo (Diablo x Tahoe OG) is for those that truly "puff tuff." And that hash is next level....

The flowers at Native Roots are happy....
Silverback OG

We took this sample over to Hunt and allowed him to "have at." After a careful inspection he tossed it back at us, "How's it smoke?" We had to tell him that no one had seen, smelled, or tasted this flower yet in the Denver area. "Well, I guess that's why your here; pull up a chair," he smiled with a grin like the Grinch. After grinding up the 3 grams he started into his "iron lung tube meditation.' "True kush from the LA region or 'Snoop's crew' would be around the same era as the Baker's, Humboldt green thumb, and epicenter of LA grow heritage. Since we don't know the official origin, I'll stand to reason, after the looks, that it's from the LBC/OC area of California in the early 90's. The tinge of orange through the stem and dark green into the leaves might be from the elevation induced pheno but I think it looks true to form. It's dense like a gold ball and hits like a sledge hammer. Silverback makes me lean to an indica and from the eyes, ears, and head - it seems to be the truth. The brain or "Snoop OG' might be involved...which would be from Muggs out of Cypress [the DJ for Cypress Hill]. They were known to be around the same cliques in that time frame too. But I would love to get my hands on more of this for skiing. The definition in the flowers is well cured and the smoke is tasty. Tip of the hat on this one...."

Smell - Taste - Effect - Cough
8/10     8/10     9/10       Yes

Tiablo & the Herijuana/Hells Angel shatter testing kit....
Tahoe OG is a staple in the kush world. Diablo OG is infamous in the world of heavy hitting indicas. The true cut of these strains are hard to find in the world of "renamed trees." This flower has the smell, the taste, and the effect of the two franchise genes. After the testing, which consisted of our 3 patients enjoying 1 - .5gram joint, we were able to see the effect of the OG genetic. Tiablo is a great relaxation, pain supression, and appetite stimulant. It also lends itself to the edible, tincture, and ingestion aspects because of these attributes. We see Tahoe and Diablo often in the mountain towns for use as an active ingredient in the diet of the elderly. "It helps in more ways that one," said one patient at our testing. Another stated, "I would consider this for my evenings and my travel stress." You can get your taste of Tiablo at either location for Native Roots (Lakewood & Downtown).

Smell - Taste - Effect - Cough
9/10     8/10     9/10       Yes

"Shatta Pancake" by Hunt

Herijuana x Hells Angels OG
Dabs are dropping all over Denver this week with the new year. This flavor is for the professionals. It's heavy, hard, and will sit you down. We had four patients that enjoyed the shatter. They each had 2 dabs - .3 gram per dab. The patients all spoke about the flavor, the effect, and the longevity. 2 patients decided they were "more than perfect" after the first dab. The most notable points on this hash was the fact of the heavy taste, heavy effect, and heavy smell. "It's not everyday you get something that looks heavy, hits heavy, and lasts a long time. This is what I felt like the first couple times that I tasted shatter," said one patient. "My back doesn't hurt at all. I had a hard time driving here since I was out of medicine. After those two, I'm much more comfortable," said another. 

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