Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winslow's Home-"Decidedly Real" Eats in STL

Winslow's Home

Part restaurant, part country store, part coffee shop, part package store, Winslow's Home is an updated version of the classic American general store.  It feats a "curated collection of essentials"  that ranges  from puppets for the kids to batch whiskey from the Hudson valley for Dad.  There are hearty homemade meals to grab and go so you can take the comfort of (Winslow's) Home with you.  Food is prepared on-site from locally sourced fresh seasonal ingredients.

"Slow Food" and "Locavore" are  awfully trendy words to toss about.  At Winslow's these are more than trends though, they are  principles.  They come naturally as part of a commitment to slowing down and returning to a simpler time. Winslow's Hom commits to serving food with integrity, promising that a carrot will never lose its "carrotiness...We want its taste, texture, smell & appearance to make the utmost impact on your senses, heart and soul."  Connecting with the essences of the foods that nourish us, as well as reconnecting with the source of our food, our homewares and our consumption in general can make us more mindful of our choices and how they affect us and our environment.

The ever-shifting menu at Winslow's Home is a result of Chef Cary McDowell's adaptive style, which follows the bounty of the season and is built around the offerings from Winslow's Farm, located 35 miles west of St. Louis in Augusta, Missouri.  In addition to several acres of vegetables, the farm is home to Winslow's own flock of Domnique chickens, which consume all of the compost from the kitchen in return for delicious fresh eggs. Maintaining their own farm helps Winslow's shorten the distance  between production  and consumption and keep food fresh and sustainable.  It also prompts customers to be thoughtful about their choices (about food and more!)

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Winslow's Home
7213 Delmar | St. Louis, MO 63130 

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