Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Native Roots Apothecary - Hash / Strain Review

We frequent a lot of places for medicine in Denver and this place comes through the grape vine often. Native Roots Apothecary located at the corner of 16th st and Champa st. We reviewed two products, one is the Tangerine Haze Shatter and the other was the Lavender Flower.  

Test Samples:
Tangerine Haze (shatter) - 1g
Lavender (flower) – 1.9g

.3g dabs for our Patient
15 minutes between each Dab
Rated on 4 elements 
Taste, Smell, Effect, Cough
Notes were supplied from the Patient on each sample

Our 420 Guru:

The Results 
Tang Haze:
Smell 7/10 - Taste 9/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough No

Off one dab the shatter gave us a soaring cerebral high, while keeping us calm with a spacey high. The high itself is a very enjoyable and entertaining. Tangerine Haze Shatter resembles the rind of a tangerine, the texture of a jolly rancher and is very tasty. The high is very powerful for the first thirty minutes and lingers for an hour or so after.

We tested the strain Lavender from Native Roots Apothecary. The Lavender consisted of dense flower structure, with a light green lavender touch that’s complemented by mature curry red hairs, nice trichome structure with the essential glands intact, not ruptured or broken off.

The Results

Lavender Flowers:
Smell 8/10 - Taste 7/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Yes

The Lavender smoke is spicy dense on the inhale followed by a exotic but familiar floral note…  very well greeted smell. Pleasant smoke not too strong but very relaxing body high accompanied with roaming thoughts… now I’m hungry. 1-2 hour duration followed by a nap. It is a great nightcap to wind down… total relaxation for the mind, body, and soul. 

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