Sunday, December 9, 2012

Upcycle your #4Pieces - Get Gatsby!!!


If you haven't heard yet about the new initiative Grimey Gatsby is spearheading, 4pieces is a grassroots movement that utilizes social media and resonating images to spread a commitment to action.  You can read details about the campaign on the GG Blog.  The basic idea is to pick up 4 pieces of trash each day in your neighborhood or wherever you find what Burners refer to as MOOP..."Mess Out Of Place".  Share a photo of your 4pieces and use the #4pieces hash tag to share your simple but impactful action with the world!

                                                                                         Photo: KBS Photography

After you share your #4pieces, you'll want to dispose of them.  Trash is ok....recycling is better...but best?  Upcycle your 4pieces!  There are plenty of commonly found items that can be upcycled into useful and funky home decor, accessories and more.  Check out what Grimey Gatsby has spotted made from disposable utensils, candy wrappers, cardboard, and plastic bottles......

Repurposed Cardboard

Plastic bottles have tons of uses....

.....even a Christmas tree!  (made from Sprite bottles)

Granted, you would have to amass quite a pile of any of these materials in order to make these items....but if you pick up 4 pieces each day, who knows?  And in the meantime, use these wicked cool ideas to inspire your own ingenuity and come up with some new upcycled items!  You could even make some little collages or sculptures from your #4pieces.  Get grimey: pick up trash.  Get Gatsby:make something rad out of it!  Use your creativity, then use the #4pieces hashtag to share your clean-upcycling efforts!

Get it? Cleaning up the Earth + Upcycling = Clean-UpCycling

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