Wednesday, December 12, 2012

4Pieces - Become Part of the Solution

@4Pieces #4Pieces 

4Pieces needs all the help it can get to help keep this planet green. The people of Washington University are doing their part. If they can harness electricity from trees then we all should be able to pick up 4pieces of trash, everyday.

Researchers have discovered that there’s enough power in living trees to run an electric circuit.  Washington University undergraduate students and professors researched and tested to see if they had discovered nature’s alternative to the power outlet, living trees. University of Washington engineers have developed a device that you can plug directly into a living tree.

Trees will never be able to give enough power to normal electronic. This opens the door for a new generation of electronics. Electronic that will be able to harness the power from trees. This type of technology will help us grow into a more clean and green future.

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