Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Native Roots Apothecary - Shatter Review

Native Roots Apothecary

We try to sample medicine from all over Denver, and this one is must stop for us. Native Roots is located in the heart of downtown Denver on the corner of 16th and Champa st. We reviewed four products BTH shatter and Mexican shatter.

Test Samples:

BTH (shatter) – 1g

Mexican (shatter) – 1g

Notes were supplied from the patient on each sample

Our Patient Group:

3 Other Patients

The Results


Smell 8/10- Taste 9/10 – Effect 8/10

“The rocky consistency of the shatter makes it easy to operate. Off of one dab the shatter made me fell like I had just boarded a 4th dimensional rocket ship. BTH left my mind racy and psychoactive. I noticed an elevated heart rate with a sense of anticipation, followed by a huge push of excitement. The shatter will send your mind into orbit looking for something to do on mars… meanwhile back on earth you have a warm and fuzzy tingle feeling. Overall it is a very enjoyable ride into orbit.” says Dankasaurous.
The other test subjects thought the shatter was nice airy, not to intense, full body high while maintaining concentration. The effects are thorough but sustain focus and longevity is pleasurable.

The Results


Smell 8/10 – Taste 8/10 – Effect 8/10 

Dankasaurous thoughts on Mexican shatter, “Immediate head rush on warm sensation on the exhale, caused beads of sweat to form on the brow. Tunnel vision or a very focal high pointed high. Slight body high more so in the head, very energetic high great for a day time high, it gives you a soaring high for 30 to 45 minutes. Great for some pep or cheerful session with your friends.”

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