Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nobody Beats the Drum - Show Review

Nobody Beats The Drum is Dutch electronic dance music. The group is made up of three men all from Amsterdam. Sjam Sjamsoedin and Jori Collignon create all of the music while Rogier van der Zwaag produces all of the video projections. Together, the trio gives the crowd a unforgettable live performance, that will leave your mind blown. The music is enhanced by over the top visuals. 

Nobody Beats the Drum dropped just something dirty on us in Denver!! They played at the Bluebird Theater on Friday December 28th. Show open with a sensational performance by Herobust. Their electronic up-beat tempo brought the audience to there feet. Nobody Beats the Drum exceed my expectations and brought the crowd to a frenzy. Every drum brought my body to life and my left my bones rattling! Nobody Beats the Drum will definitely be returning to Denver, in the near feature.

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