Tuesday, December 4, 2012

B.Scott - Gatsby fashion for the Grimey men...


Brandon Scott,  the LA Based designer who debuted with a Spring/Summer Collection in 2010, is back with his latest blend of grit and utility in his Spring 2013 Collection: Making Endz Meet.

Scott's edgy and current style are a credit to his impeccable aesthetic...his success is a credit to this aesthetic and an iron will.   He says of fashion: “If you haven’t really struggled in life, you haven’t really lived. If you do not give up everything to do this, you will not make it in this industry."  The designer's drive and determination, paired with  a crisp and current look, have catapulted him to prominence on the Menswear scene of the West Coast.  

B.Scott's designs are just the right mix of gritty and polished; something the Grimey Gatsby knows all about.  Skate and snowboarding and track bikes factor as a major influence on B.Scott's designs.  The lifestyle that goes with those sports is reflected in his work.  A portion of Making Endz Meet lookbook is set in the kind of concrete landscapes  that imply that the model might have just finished a skate sesh. 

This collection by B.Scott  features  the fusion of German and Asian aesthetics with West Coast swagger that has made Brandon Scott a name to know.  The clever shapes--which include high collars, kimono influences, and lots of angles--reflect the clean lines and utilitarian forms of German and Japanese design. The slouch and size of  the garments add an ease native to the West Coast.   Scott's style is distinctive, but evolving.  He himself claims it's hard to pin down a "B.Scott Guy", as his look and audience are changing over time.  The one common denominator?  Freedom of expression:  "I’ve noticed that he is usually an artist--a musician, an architect, an athlete—someone that has the option to wear what they want, instead of something they are told to wear."

Talent  runs in the Scott family. Brandon's grandfather a was an acclaimed Bauhaus architect.  His sister Sarah Scott runs her own signature line. The siblings also collaborate on luxury sportswear line THE:ODDS.  Together all three lines form the SCOTT X SCOTT design family.  In a short matter of time, the Scott name has become synonymous with urban chic that has a unique flair.  Fellas, get that gangsta ninja look on lock with some tailored and textured pieces from B.Scott this spring, and you can be sure to turn heads.  Snap up the silky cardigan or a denim short suit, for fresh reinventions of Menswear staples.  Even for the Gatsby, it's gonna be a grimey spring gents...

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