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End of the World - Sub.Mission - Denver, CO

End of the World
Denver, CO

Friday descended upon Denver like any other closure to the week, except this was suppose to be the last Friday on Earth. It was.....the END OF THE WORLD. In Denver we do many things well but we take our parties, events, and community gatherings to the next level. Sub.Mission contacted us about this party months ago. It was going to be something special for the people of Denver, dubstep, hip hop, and music lovers everywhere. Sub.Mission was bringing Deltron & Madlib to town with The Widdler & Joe Nice!!!!!!

Last night was something for the history books...

The Sub.Mission stage in launch mode....
Sub.Mission had people packed wall to wall, swaying with hip hop, and raging to dubstep. Cervantes has two rooms of sound and Sub.Mission filled them with music, beats, and positivity for the night. They had Caustik, Subliminal, The Widdler, and Joe Nice take over The Other Side and Bukue One, Shigeto, Del, and Madlib took over the Ballroom. We had the pleasure of bouncing around filming the event. It was great to see both rooms moving to their rhythm. Seeing Joe Nice move a crowd is an exercise to say the least...he never stops moving. He was jumping and screaming in front of the decks; partying just as hard as the crowd to the dub plates. The Ballroom was seduced by Shigeto as he took the audience through a travel of breaks, drums, and sound. His unique noise never disappoints. He moves through his music on stage and you can see in the video how he brings it PROPAH! 

Joe Nice working the decks & crowd
Ace One, Souls of Mischief, was featured with Del and he spoke true to the message of 2013, "It's about positivity. It's not about the end of the world that we are standing on. It's about the end of the world that we live in. We have a new beginning that starts today...with all of us." It's the message we need to spread to the rest of the world and there's no better vehicle than music.

Del rocking the stage..
Vendors stacked the walls and people were flocking all over to see the fashion, the glass, the art, and the wares. Our personal favorite was the "Hiero" by Ewok Glass (see pic below). He put some time and skill into this piece and it's nothing short of spectacular. 

Follow @ewokglass on Instagram for more....

"Getting to see a legend like Del is a dream. I haven't been able to check that off my list yet. Today is the day and I get to see Madlib take the decks. Sub.Mission has stepped correct on this party. I'm really happy to see this happen for Denver. Madlib is a person that has been on the music bucketlist since I heard his first track back in the day. He is truly Gatsby. That vest, shirt, and total control of the audience was intense. He doesn't need to speak...he orchestrates." Hunt...president of Grimey Gatsby about being at the event.

Madlib & Del in the green room after the show - Photo cred: Del
(Del is wearing the Grassroots California x Hemp Hoodlamb Hat & Jacket)

We take our hats off to Sub.Mission for all of the talent, the production team, and Cervantes staff. This party was what we imaged it could be. We saw legends taking the stage, people talking about 2013, music reigning down positive vibes, an ocean of dancing, and experiences that will last a life time. Del came on after Shigeto to a huge ovation. He proved that his lyrical genius is perfectly intact with a 3 minute free style over a bass line.....coupled with some of the greatest hip hop breaks of all time. He introduced Mr. Bob Dobalina and then took people on a futuristic trip with Deltron 3030. We haven't seen a live performing that can stop a crowd on a dime and bring them to screams with peace signs like Del.

Meanwhile at The Other Side, Caustik started off the night with the heavy bass that he is known to throw all over the Denver area. He and Subliminal tagged a set for a bit before Subliminal took over and started it deeper into the dub sound. He brings a branded sound of hard hitting bass coupled with some beautiful lyrics and reggae over tones. Before you know you it, you've already lost your face by the time he turned it over. Denver was more than warmed up for The Widdler and Joe Nice to take on the crowd.  The Widdler can mean mug a bear to a whimper.  He had people thrashing around the dance floor and raging like natives....Colorado natives that is. Joe Nice can bring the noise with his talented tones and synergetic sound. Energy, motion, and roots are what we would call Joe Nice. Hard hitting dub plates that make your cell phone over heat......He was a class act and also delivered a great set. He closed out the evening like a champion. 

As Del finished his last song in the Ballroom....the lights took to a slight dim. People started to scamper to the restrooms and flock to the bar. This was the music they had been waiting for.......Madlib. Jaylib & Madvillian are two of the most infamous albums of Hip Hop. J Dilla, to this day, is know as one of the Fathers of the movement. MF DOOM is arguably the largest Villian in the game....Madlib is the meastro behind the mayhem, the writer of the crypt, and the wizard of which they call OZ. 

His signature vest and perfectly formed tones are known around the world. Hand over his brow to block the light, He looked at the audience and smiled. He was about to start the show!!!

The set was unique as only Madlib can make it. Funk, Soul, hip hop, rock, classic Madlib, joyous Madvillian, and that lovely Jaylib sound all came together in Denver for the beginning of the world. At least that's what we are going to say happened. People puffing clouds, dancing together, enjoying the motion of the music at Cervantes didn't notice the collapse of the negativity from the End of the World.....They were focused on the rebirth of Love through the power of sound....not hype.

Remember this time of year to embrace the love and spread the cheer.
It's all we got left now that the World is over.......


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