Friday, December 14, 2012

Pink House - Shatter Review

Pink House

Today we were fortunate enough to sample shatter from one of my favorite dispensaries in Denver, Pink House. Pink House has multiple locations, but the one I frequent is Pink House at Riverside. Riverside is usually the first store to receive the shatter drop offs. We are reviewing two indica strains of shatter, MK Ultra BHO and OG Blend BHO

Test Samples:

MK Ultra BHO (shatter) – .5g
OG Blend BHO (shatter) – .5g

Our Patient Group:

The Results

MK Ultra BHO:
Smell 8/10- Taste 8/10 – Effect 9/10

After I exhaled my first dab I immediately started coughing, instantly knew this was going to be a good one. MK Ultra is easy to handle. The shatter is kept in parchment paper, which allows you to access all of your medicine. The duration of the high lasted about an hour and a half. The first thirty minutes of my high my body felt like it was inside of a cloud, giving me a feeling of ease and comfort.  MK Ultra is heavy on the body from your head to your feet, making it an excellent choice for bedtime. This strain is one of my favorites; the boys at Pink House know what they are doing. They provide some of the best medicine in Denver.

The Results

OG Blend BHO:

Smell 9/10 - Taste 9/10 - Effect 9/10

Dereck Cumings kills the game as an extract artist #thisishash #justsayin. The OG Blend BHO sent this guy on a kushtastic voyage. The OG Blend had a flavorful explosion from the nose to the exhale. This particular blend of OG’s is unknown but all the classic familiar notes tap dance on your taste buds then finishes with a candy note. Incredible relief of tension in the body and a blast of euphoria takes over the cranium. The effects are similar to the warmth and glow of neon signs 

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  1. Pink House kills it, takes a huge team of great growers, trimmers, and extract artists to create these wonders =)