Thursday, November 1, 2012

Native Roots Apothecary - Shatter Review

Native Roots Apothecary
Shatter Review
That nectar is sooooo sweet.......

We have been conducting reviews all over the country on many things. Most recently, we have had many patients ask us about "shatter" or "dab revolution" that is going on in Denver. Flowerless patients that keep their ailments at bay with heavy concentrates.....High Times put it on the cover last month. We, at the Gatsby, are patients and we keep it true to the game. We had our guru on staff, Dankasaurous, take on the shatter arsenal from Native Roots Apothecary in Denver. They have two locations (16th Street Mall & Lakewood) to visit if you wish to smell them first hand. 

If you would like your dispensary, product, or flowers reviewed --- All you have to do is send us an email: -- We'll get you our list of services. Don't forget that we reviewed Essential Extracts and Pink House earlier this week......

Test Samples:
Skywalker OG - 1g
ChemDawg Guava X Blue Dream - 1g
Life Saver X Strawberry White Cough - 1g

.3g dabs for our Patient
15 minutes between each Dab
Rated on 4 elements 
Taste, Smell, Effect, Cough
Notes were supplied from the Patient on each sample

Our Patient:

The Results

Skywalker OG:
Smell 8/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Yes

"My brain feels like it's doing the 'cha cha cha' with Yoda right now. It's some heavy stuff, man. Did I already try the next one yet? Wow....yeah I'm sky walking right now..."

ChemDawg Guava X Blue Dream:
Smell 7/10 - Taste 7/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough No

"Wandering walk about high for the head. I feel like I'm surfing clouds in the Mile High......Did I take 2 or just 1? And where did I put the other sample?"

Life Save X Strawberry White Cough:
Smell 8/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 9/10 - Cough Yes

"That's the real shit right there. Need to check it out again...if you don't mind. Slow motion for me two times on this. Ital throbbing of the frontal lobe makes any patient smile."

A plant from the NRA crew.....

**All of the above shatter was made by 
Top Shelf Extracts in Denver, Colorado 
for Native Roots Apothecary **

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