Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little by little we can do our part - #4Pieces

Why not do our part day in and day out?

We have seen a lot of trash over our travels this year. And it's getting worse....Grimey Gatsby has proposed a plan for people to help our Earth and spread the Grime. We hope you'll take the time to become involved and show others how you feel about our environment and the future. We have started the hashtag #4pieces - It refers to the pieces of trash you can pick up with 1 hand.....We have some pictures already up on Instagram (@GrimeyGatsby) and we are stacking up hundreds more for this winter and 2013 spring. We will be bringing this into the mainstream this winter with our network of brands and with our massive global audience.

In today's world, we stay connected. We stay involved and that means that, sometimes, we MISS the little things in life. This is a way for your to show your commitment to clean, your determination to the future, and the love for the environment that we all need to express. Obviously, some days you may find more trash than others....But everyday, if we can get #4pieces off the ground, street, or hallway to make a difference we have changed the future. It's easy. It's simple. It's fun. It's interactive.....

Here's Hunt and his #4pieces from a dog walk in St. Louis.....Lighter, Beer Can,
plastic piece, and a candy wrapper

Here's how you can play at home:

1) Find 4 pieces of trash....throughout your day, your work, your walk, your evening....
Pick up the Trash

2) Put the pieces of trash in 1 hand and take a pic
(like the above pic) 


4) Upload your pic to Instagram or Twitter using this hashtag and tag:
#4piece @grimeygatsby

5) Continue to pick up garbage and post pics...from your travels, your office, or your
lifestyle.....We would like you to post one daily if you call yourself a Gatsby.

6) Check in with Grimey Gatsby to learn more about the campaign and the events we will be working on throughout the USA....hopefully the GLOBE!!!!

We have a long way to go, but it HAS TO START somewhere and we felt this would be the best way to get kids, adults, families, and corporations involved. All you have to do is pick up #4pieces a day for the next month and that's 124 pieces of trash for the month of December. Imagine what we can do for the calendar year of 2013? 

There's only one way to start.....find that first piece of trash and start to help Mother Nature every way you can. Social Media is a way to keep us all connected in the fight against a filthy future. Let's start this December off right with pictures and people cleaning up the litter. Give Mother Nature gift this holiday season....The gift of a clean future.

Spread the Grimey & Keep it Gatsby

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